iGeeksBlog Reviews and Editorial Guidelines

The tech world witnesses new updates, advancements, and additions almost every other day. Hence, it is easy to get confused and pick the wrong product. That’s where iGeeksBlog steps in!

Our mission is to help make your purchase decisions smarter, easier, and more cost-efficient.

Our team comprises experienced, tech-savvy experts with specialized niches who obsessively keep an eye on the retail landscape and curate lists of hand-picked products and applications across different categories. Moreover, we never compromise with quality!

What we do?

We have worked with brands like Twelve SouthMujjoHarberLondon, etc., and are affiliated with AmazonShareASale, etc. We are passionate. We are consumers too! We leverage this perfect trifecta to bring you the best recommendations.

Our experts research, test, and curate a list of the best products and apps that make it through their stringent tests. We may receive a commission on some of the products when you purchase through our affiliate links added to articles.

Our recommendations span from economical to splurge-worthy accessories for your Apple devices to apps that improve your lifestyle and beyond. Each article goes through multiple layers of inspection to ensure its relevancy, practicality, and facts. Our editors check the facts and flag any questions they may have for writers before publishing.

We don’t publish and forget! We know how irking it is to scour the internet to find a product out of stock or an app that is not updated. We have a dedicated team who continually reviews and optimizes each piece of content on iGeeksBlog.com to keep it relevant, fresh, and accurate with the latest tech and retail world events. Thus, offering an unparalleled user experience.

Why trust us?

  • Commitment to quality: We have always given priority to quality over quantity (or money for that matter) which has gained us 1 million+ monthly active website users on average.
  • Editorial independence: Our editorial team works independently and never lets the sales team, retailer, or anyone else dictate their decisions. We research, test, use (if necessary), and recommend!
  • We preach what we practice: We don’t say anything that we don’t follow. Our loyalty remains towards our users and readers rather than a brand or company!
  • Our product and app testing process: We don’t simply recommend the first product or app that we come across! We invest plenty of time, effort, and sometimes money to bring that one review or recommendation list to you.

Moreover, we are highly selective in picking a product or app for review. Half of the products or apps we review do not make it to our website simply because we wouldn’t recommend them. This is also the reason why most of our app or product reviews have more pros than cons.

Our reviewers put the product or app through its paces for a week in real-life setups—at home, gym, workplace, streets—jot down its features, scrutinize its build, convenience, the value it adds, and more, to form an unbiased opinion. We often share similar products to give reviewers something to compare that product/app against and share their in-depth analysis.

The result? Honest feedback along with pros, cons, star ratings, and more to help you make an informed choice.

Advertising and sponsored content

Advertising and sponsored content are an integral part of iGeeksBlog. They help us support free access to our well-researched content and empower businesses to reach out to our users. However, they in no way affect our editorial integrity, which we take seriously.

Moreover, all our advertisements are positioned strategically to ensure a seamless user experience on our website.

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